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”In any given episode I play up to… five clones? season one? I think. Yeah, and like three in a day sometimes. Which is a trip” — Tatiana Maslany for Vanity Fair Magazine (x)

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ugh i just want to tell everyone….also i need gifs of at least 5 things…so saturday cant come soon enough…


Orphan Black
NYC Premiere Fan Screening


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even tatiana maslany’s teeth are attractive man what the fuck

Just got back from the orphan black season two premiere

….um..just..holy..shit…dat episode. that reveal at the end….that i won’t spoil…but….just 0__o

Also , i was initially a kinda annoyed that i ended up sitting in the back but then i smelled wine and the people behind me were clanking wine glasses and and i turn to be all ‘DO THEY SELL WINE HERE OR DID YOU SNEAK IT IN, ALSO CAN I BE YOUR FRIEND AND GET IN ON THIS?” and who is sitting DIRECTLY BEHIND MY SEAT and chatting up and having a grand ole time but Jordan Gavaris and Maria Doyle Kennedy who after a moment  must have realized i was all 0____0 so we exchanged akward greetings.

this day was ridiculous let me tell you…

Delphine gave me a muffin and this crowd is Awesome!

…I hate that this phone is dying or I would’ve live blogged all the greatness.


Anyway I need to get back to my anime. Pink Lesbian just saved Time Lesbian and she’s about to fight Walmart

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Cloneclub linecon..woo!

Made the random decision to try to get into the sunshine cinema for the orphan black season two premier, wish me luck

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